Add Polish to Your Virtual Tour by Adding Some Additional Features

Our virtual tours start with great 360° imagery, but why does the experience have to stop there? We offer our clients an array of features to enhance the overall presentation and experience for their viewers. By adding additional feature you increase your opportunity to impact your viewer with visually stunning content that will not only leave them impressed, but educate them more about who you are and ultimately why they should choose you.  Additional features add very little cost to the overall cost of a virtual tour project, but will go a long ways in conveying your message.

We've Got the Bells and Whistles!

available features

Custom Template Design

We understand the effort and importance you have put into branding yourself from your competition that is why we believe in designing a custom virtual tour template to match you and your brand from your logo and color scheme right down to every last detail.


Hotspots are clickable spots within the scene that allow the viewer to display more information about the environment as well as create more interaction with the viewer. These hotspots are a great way to display individual still photos, audio files, videos, maps, floor plans, information on specific scene elements, as well as much more.

Navigation Arrows / Buttons

Navigation Arrows or Navigation Buttons are clickable spots within the scene that allow the viewer to navigate the environment as if they were standing there deciding which way they wanted to go. With these buttons the viewer is able to move seamlessly from one location to another.

Embedded Video

Embedded Video is another way to reinforce your message and objectives in a virtual tour. Sometimes nothing can quite communicate your message in the same way a video can. Compatible with Youtube, Vimeo, local videos, or other video playing websites.

Embedded Website Content

Embedding outside web content (social media feeds, contact forms, websites, and any other web content) directing into the virtual tour experience can enhance the experience as well as keep the experience all within the tour window.

Background Music / Voice-over

Audio elements are a great way to add that finishing polish to any project. Through audio you can engage more of your prospect’s senses resulting in a more complete experience. Often times the client will have the voice-overs developed and sent to us and then we will program them into the virtual tour. The reason many clients do this is because they already have a voice that they use for other marketing pieces, so they want to keep that continuity and branding. We do not specialize in voice-overs, so we have third parties providers provide these services for us if needed.

Guided Tour

Take your viewer on a guided tour by pre-programming way-points within the virtual tour scene which will take the viewer from point to point. In addition from moving the viewer from point to point you can add additional features to be called out at each way-point to enhance the viewing experience.

Interactive Map or Floor Plan

Interactive Maps and Floor Plans are an ideal way to help your prospect become more familiar with the layout or location of your business / organization. With the addition of navigational elements to the map or floor plan the viewer can now navigate from scene to scene by clicking the hotspots they see on the map or floor plan. Radar hotspots can also be used to help the viewer decipher which direction they are looking on the map or floor plan while rotating the scene.

Aerial 360° Tours

Gain a perspective of your location that until recently would have been nearly impossible with an aerial 360° tour. This birds eye approach up to 200 feet above the ground will help viewers see your facilities and services in a way that they could only imagine in the past.  Click Here to learn more about this service.

Video Conversions

Video Conversion exports the 360 degree scenes into video format. With this conversion the scenes now become compatible for integration into other marketing pieces.

Stand Alone Export

With Stand Alone Export we are able to place your complete virtual tour on a media storage device which does not require an internet connection. You can now use your virtual tour at trade-shows, meetings, presentations, or even send it directly to your prospects.


Hosting is a great tool that allows our clients to integrate their virtual tours with their website in a seamless manner without having to get really technical. Our hosting packages include: storage of all files, updates to text information requested by client, client access to web traffic reports, maintenance to virtual tour files, and troubleshooting if virtual tour is affected by updates to web browsers.